Imagine if we could nurture every child's inquisitive nature into a passionate imagine curiosity.
We could inspire a generation of young minds to pursue the answers that may change the world.

Easiest to use
The einstein™World is built on well-known operating systems
All-in-one solution
einstein™ offers one platform that provides everything
Best Value
The einstein™World has BY FAR the lowest total cost of ownership

Our exploration and analysis apps are designed to answer the needs
of young children while powerful enough to challenge high school students
Coming soon Coming soon
With the einstein™Tablet+ and the einstein™LabMate+, and over 60 sensors,
students can accurately assess the world around them.
The award-winning, all-in-one einstein™Tablet is the only tablet built for science education.

Create +
We built the einstein™Activity Maker to empower educators and students to create interactive
content on their own or together. Teachers can share activities and discover those of the
einstein™community all around the world.
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"The einstein™Tablet enables students and
teachers to capture data without days of
planning and's an invaluable tool"
Director of Academic Affairs
Solomon Schechter Day School, NJ
"...students are intimidated by science courses,
the einstein™Tablet+ is very user friendly and
encourages students to dive into their learning"
Science Teacher
New Albany High School, IN
"Why take your chances by mixing and matching
STEM equipment from different vendors when
you can get it all with Fourier's einstein™..."
EdTech Reviewer