Turn any smartphone into a digital science lab anytime anywhere!

MiLAB™ X works with any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, enabling teachers and students to conduct wireless scientific experiments, anytime, anywhere.

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MiLABEx ™ features:

Support all iOS and Android devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod, any Android smart phone or tablet), landscape orientation, SDK version >7.1

Human Interface Completely change of Human Interface concept. Following iOS Human Interface standards and adopts iOS Mail application UI experience.



Additional Setting options:

  • Allow selecting default measurement unit
  • Independent MiLAB language setting
  • Help
  • About


Improved Graph&Table display:

  • New look and feel
  • Zoom/pan improvement 
  • Legend control
  • In place editing 
  • Additional filter options
  • Search option
  • Acquired data can easily be exported to a PC via email or Bluetooth



  • Improved UE and UI
  • Able to build generic offline experiment from saved experiments/runs/specific sensor plots
  • Search option
  • Export option


Export options:

  • Mib file
  • Raw data
  • CSV