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Electrostatic Charge Sensor

The Electrostatic Charge sensor is a dual range, all-purpose sensor that can be used in many electrostatic experiments. It is not affected by humidity and can perform quantitative measurements and indicate charge polarity making it superior to the traditional electroscope.

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  • Range: ±0.25 μC, ±0.025 μC
  • Resolution (12-bit): 0.12 nC for ±0.25 μC, 12.2 pC for ±0.025 μC
  • Default Sample Rate: 10 samples per second
  • Input Capacitance: 180nF
  • Input Resistance: Infinite (few gΩ)
  • Input Over Voltage Protection: ±60 V

Features: Zero button range switch


Learn how to calibrate the sensor:

Data sheet