About Fourier

For over 28 years, Fourier Education has become a worldwide leader in the field of science education technology, data loggers and sensors. The four pillars of our comprehensive solution are: compact portable data logging devices, a data analysis software suite, over 60 sensors and proprietary pedagogical curriculum materials. Fourier’s products are customizable for students from primary school through high school to universities and universally automate and simplify the way data is collected, analyzed and shared. Students from over 60 countries across the globe have benefited first-hand from Fourier’s cost-effective computerized science laboratories.


We are offering the unique einstein™ Learning Platform.

The einstein™ Learning Platform empowers teachers and inspires students by providing an engaging science learning experience unifying inquiry-based experiments, interactive multimedia activities and user-friendly analysis applications on any tablet or computer.


The einstein™ Learning platform includes:

  • Data Loggeres
  • More than 60 different sensors
  • Data analysis software
  • Curriculum content