About Fourier

For over more than three decades, Fourier Systems (also known as  Fourier Education) is a worldwide leader in the field of science education technology, for students from primary schools through high school to universities.

We know the importance of technology in classrooms to provide students with the 21st century skills that they need to succeed.  We know that online learning solutions are, and will be, mainstream, and hence provide you with the einstein-connected lab, the most advanced science learning ecosystem, to achieve the highest pedagogic value when learning from school or home.

Fourier provides a full and complete solution, which includes data logging devices (einstein™ Tablet or any other screen device when using the einstein™ LabMate), the most comprehensive STEM learning data analysis software (the MiLABEx), over 60 sensors and proprietary pedagogical curriculum materials.

Fourier’s products simplify the way data is collected, analyzed and shared. The einstein™ science learning platform empowers teachers and inspires students
by providing an engaging science learning experience, experiments, interactive
multimedia activities, and user-friendly analysis applications on any tablet or
computer. The einstein™ science learning platform supports new ways of teaching that focuses on learners as active participants, linking science with everyday life, enabling personalized science education, increasing motivation, and making learning more fun and effective.

"Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought" (Albert Einstein)

It’s all about science.