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Magnetic Field Sensor (Triple Axis)

The triple axis Magnetic Field sensor is able to measure magnetic fields along the x, y and z axes simultaneously. It contains two Hall Effect transducers placed at right angles to each other. The axial transducer measures the magnetic field along he axis of the sensor while the radial transducer measures the magnetic field perpendicular to the sensor.

This Magnetic Field Sensor can be used for measuring a wide range of magnetic fields, from the Earth’s weak magnetic field to the strong magnetic fields inside solenoids – up to 20 mT.

The Magnetic Field sensor can be connected to all types of einstein™ data loggers.

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Range: Two axis: ±20 mT; Three axis: ±0.4 mT

  • Accuracy: ±6 % over entire
  • Range Resolution (12-bit):
  • For: 0 to 20 mT: 10μT
  • For: 0 to 0.4 mT: 0.2μT
  • Default Sampling Rate: 10 samples per second


Learn how to calibrate the sensor:

Data sheet